About Jazmine

Jazmine is someone with a proven track record of listening and fighting for you!

Jazmine M. Early is an American citizen, married to her husband, Douglas for 16 years. They have been living in Sterling Heights since 2004. They have a 13 year old son, David.

Jazmine is currently an elected precinct delegate in Sterling Heights' 3rd precinct. She volunteered at the Senior Center Health Expo, the Sterling Heights Beautification Commission, and organizations such as Habitat for Humanity.  

Jazmine is a board member at the Right To Life Macomb County Northwest affiliate, and she's currently serving at the Sterling Heights Arts Commission, the Sterling Heights Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT), and the Sterling Heights Pride and Shine program.

Jazmine is a community leader and has been representing our residents at the local and State level on the issues that are more important to our taxpayers: Protecting our Constitutional rights, public service, supporting strong policies that will strengthen the safety of our community, good road quality, low taxes, reducing wasteful spending, supporting small business and fighting for our forgotten seniors and veterans.
Jazmine received her Bachelor’s Degree in architecture, and she organized the Architects Student Association at Catolica de Colombia University and served as the director. Jazmine worked for the Administrative Department of Catastro Distrital in Bogota as a supervisor for the area of inspection, and evaluation for residential, commercial and industrial buildings in terms of area, quality and age of buildings. In the USA, Jazmine received her Associate's Degree at Macomb Community College, in Warren, Michigan, with emphasis on Architectural Technology.

Jazmine graduated with the Sterling Heights Civilian Academy, and she participated in an internship with DTE Energy as a co-op student for Macomb Community College in the area of Architectural Technology.

Through the years living in Macomb County, Jazmine tutored Spanish at Macomb Community College, and she also taught Spanish at Bethany Christian School in Troy. In the meantime, while focusing on raising her son, Jazmine also worked as a Spanish instructor with Berlitz, Inc. in Southfield, and she served as a website/documents translator for Beltran Media in Clarkston. Jazmine worked in Customer Service and performed clerical duties for companies such as American Communications Network, Inc. in Farmington Hills, and IEE Sensing in Auburn Hills. Jazmine worked as an architectural draftsperson in an architectural firm in Troy. 

Jazmine loves to talk to people, go on walks and enjoys meeting people from different cultures. She is always looking for ways to help others faithfully. Sterling Heights is her home and the city she loves.

Jazmine promotes growth and economic viability for small businesses and manufacturing, and she works mainly for the benefit for Sterling Heights's taxpayers by finding cost-effective solutions that will satisfy our citizens’ needs in all public services at lower costs.

 Hardworking, Conservative, Committed and Courageous.


"...and that government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the earth..." Abraham Lincoln.

Last City Council election, the opposition sent a smear campaign against me, DON'T LET THEM TO LIE TO YOU AGAIN, please! J.E.


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